Optimus Lifts


Designed for building refurbishment and modernisation projects. The machine room-less electric lift the best optimizes
available shaft.

• Advantages:

  • Flexibility: allows single, double and triple entrances. Ideal for projects with adjacent entrances.
  • Energy efficiency: possibility of operating on a single-phase supply.
  • Optimisation: easily assembled steel work. Self-supporting.
  • Adaptability: possibility of installing it with limited pit depth and headroom clearance due to the certificates which enable us to further reduce these measures.

With Raloe’s Optimus, the required space is no longer the critical detail that needs to be considered first when deciding whether to install an electric or hydraulic lift in an existing building. This electric lift uses the existing shaft equally efficiently as a hydraulic lift. When an old building is being refurbished for new usage, many times the old lift is being replaced as well. While doing so, the goal is to make optimal use of the shaft and to create the largest possible car size. Where up until today a hydraulic lift had to be installed, the Optimus now is providing a real alternative. The electric lift, which is available with or without machine room and comes with gearless propulsion, can also be used with a singlephase current and merely requires 300mm space on the side of the rucksack frame. Further space-optimization is guaranteed by mounting guidance and counterweight rails in the same layer.


• Technical characteristics:

  • Nominal speed 1 m/s > CONSULT
  • Nominal load up to 2.500 kg
  • Cable 6,5 Ø and for > 1.000 kg – 8 Ø
  • Output from 0,7 kw
  • Suspension 1:1 up to 320 kg 2:1 (450 kg-2.500 kg)
  • Standard headroom 3.600 mm.
  • Standard pit 1.200 mm.
  • Travel up to 45 m.

Control unit Installed in door frame*