Hydraulic Lift

At Raloe, we have developed an entire management and production system that makes it possible to adapt our proven designs to different lift shafts in existing buildings. In total, we supply over 1,200 hydraulic lifts a year.

Installation of the tank within the pit: We have configured a hydraulic machine room-less lift with superb features. The main difference to competitors is that we have added a control system with electronic valves. It is the perfect solution for buildings with 4-5 storeys.

• Advantages

  • Custom-designed to meet your needs: We tailor each lift to suit each different shaft.
  • Structure: Possibility of installing a custom-designed structure for each lift shaft.
  • Standard dispensations: In order to be able to adapt each lift to suit existing buildings shaft, we offer solutions for shallow pits and restricted headrooms.
  • Cabinets: Possibility of providing five different models of cabinets to include the pump unit and the control panel.
  • Consumption: energy efficient, as it reduces consumption by up to 50% in comparison with conventional hydraulic lifts.
  • Comfort: excellent comfort level, equal to the electric VVVF lift.
  • Adaptability: easy control and maintenance.
  • Safety: automatic emergency system with a pressure relief valve, always active during the descent even in case of motor failure. Rupture valve is included.
  • Environmentally-friendly: eco-fluids with better environmentally friendly properties can be used.

• Technical characteristics:

  • Nominal Speed 0,63 m/s up to 1 m/s
  • Nominal load refurbishment up to 450 kg
  • Nominal load with/without machine room up to 1600 kg
  • Average traffic between 30 and 45 starts / hour
  • Standard headroom 3.500 mm.
  • Standard pit 1.200 mm.
  • Travel up to 25 m.