Freight Lifts


This lift is designed for the transport of goods and persons.

• Advantages

    • Safety: in the event of an electrical failure, the lift descends to the next floor enabling the passenger to exit.
    • Flexibility: possibility of integrating any type of control panel.
    • Easy installation: the design aims to reduce the time required to install the lift.
    • Stability: it features a bracing of the car and frame, providing the structure with more rigidity and stability.

• Technical characteristics:

      • Nominal speed up to 0,5 m/s
      • Nominal load up to 6.000 kg
      • Max. Car height up to 3000 mm
      • Free height doors from 2000 to 2800 mm
      • Suspension 1:1 – 2:1
      • Travel up to 20 m.
      • Standard headroom 3600 mm.
      • Standard pit 1200 mm.
      • Direct draft pistons up to 3,5 m.
      • Telescopic guide chain pistons 1:1 from 3,6 to 10 m.