Platform Lifts

Cibes A5000 – Adaptable solution


Cibes A5000 – passenger lift for indoor use

  • Accessibility for mobility vehicles, wheelchairs and prams.
  • No extensive installation necessary.
  • Easy to install in 2-3 days.
  • Low installation and maintenance costs.

In places where conventional lifts cannot be installed due to lack of space, lift type Cibes A5000 can offer a solution. These types of lifts require no separate shaft or machine room. For entrances with no level differences, a pit of only 50mm is required. This, combined with their ease of use, affordable price and low operating costs, make these platform lifts an excellent alternative to more traditional lifts.

A customised alternative

Cibes platform lifts* are a perfect solution for existing buildings in which there is a need to provide an accessibility to its residents. Our platforms represent an easy solution when conventional lifts cannot be installed due to space restrictions.

Cibes A5000 can be placed indoors and outdoors and is available in seven sizes making it suitable for a wide variety of spaces.

Cibes A4000, our smallest platform lift, has been designed to fit into limited spaces.

Cibes platform lift** portfolio includes a high load unit of 1000 kg, Cibes A8000.

* Cibes LIft platform standard offering might vary following specific country standards.
** Cibes platform lifts comply with the European Machine Directive and the EN 81-41 standards
*** ***EN 81-41 applies for Cibes A5000, Cibes A7000 and Cibes A4000 models.