Cibes Platform Lifts

Cibes Platform Lifts make your job easier, no matter what challenges you face.

Lifts for increased accessibility in new and existing buildings. Cibes platform lifts are the perfect solution for increased accessibility indoors. Their simple design allows installation in buildings where there is limited space. A wide selection of accessories provide lots of opportunities for adaptation to surrounding environments. We make your job easier, no matter what challenges you face, this makes Cibes Platform Lifts an easy choice.


The architect must consider both form and functionality when choosing a lift. Professional advice and access to accurate technical specifications provide good grounds for decision making. We have the expertise and the know-how on platform lifts.


Contractors love our product performance and attractive price

Thanks to our expertise in platform and low speed lifts, we can offer the best service in partnership with our customers, which are mostly contractors and construction companies. Our international agents coordinate with contractors on construction sites.

Real estate property owners

In places where conventional lifts cannot be installed due to lack of space, platform lifts from Cibes Lift offer a solution. Thanks to their flexible dimensions these models are particularly suitable for installation in existing buildings. Endless choices in terms of design and options means that the lifts actually enhance interiors.


Cibes Platform Lifts are perfectly suited to the following target groups:


Preschools, schools and universities
Our lift solutions are extensive and customized – from the smallest to the largest platform lift, with a large selection of options and accessories available. We can also guarantee the highest level of service and support from our certified agents during the project and after installation.

Endless choices in terms of design and options means that the lifts actually enhance interiors. Cibes Platform Lifts are reliable, durable and easy to install without major construction work.


Stores and shopping centres or hospitals and health centres
Cibes Platform Lifts, with their high capacity capabilities and wide range of sizes, mean they are suitable for clinics, hospitals, shops, hotels, warehouses etc. Doorway widths of up to 1 300 mm are excellent for transport of hospital beds, pallets or similar bulky loads.

Private homes
Home lifts that make life easier. Thanks to minimal dimensions and the wide selection of options and accessories, this lift will blend in and complement your home.