Cabin Lifts

Cibes A6000S – The light cabin lift

Cibes A6000S - The light cabin lift

Cibes A6000S – An elegant and spacious cabin with an own shaft

The perfect cabin lift solution, including own shaft

The Cibes A6000S is a elegant and spacious cabin with an own shaft, screw-driven and fully equipped for highest comfort. All elements of the lift are prefabricated and ready to install and  no need to worry about extensive construction work. The pit depth is reduced to 70 mm and the machine room is fully integrated. Cibes A6000S overcomes any issues created by space restrictions, while maintaining users security and comfort. Cibes A6000S is an ideal solution when conventional lifts not is an option.

Key features

  • With its own shaft in painted white steel
  • White swing door in steel on the landing, white folding doors in the lift car
  • Soft start and stop and electrical emergency lowering as standard
  • Integrated machine room
  • Automatic door opener
  • Engine noise is insulated for a quiet ride
  • Quick installation time within 3-4 days
  • Swedish design and quality
  • Robust and reliable screwdriven operation
  • Energy efficient and low maintenance operation system
  • Push buttons with tactile symbols
  • Automatic LED lighting with reduced power consumption
  • Rated load 400 kg, 5 people
  • Travel height 13 metres, 6 landings
  • 70 mm pit or ramp

Standard sizes A6000S

Cabin size (WxDxH): 1100x1400x2200 mm
Lift shaft size (WxD): 1460×1639 mm
Cut out size (WxD): 1500×1760 mm

Certified quality product


Cibes A6000S is EC type tested and certified by the Liftinstituut and conforms to the relevant compulsory safety requirements of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.